New Hampshire DB Jake Kiley Commits to Penn State
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States like New Hampshire are often overlooked by college recruiters scouring the northeast. With a population of a little over 1.3 million (barely 14.5% of the population of New York City), the talent pool in …

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Whiteout the CBI

Submitted by on March 20, 2008One Comment

rejected.gifFor some reason, this basketball season was a much bigger success than any in the DeChellis era, but did we regress?! We at least picked up a NIT bid in 2006 with only 6 Big Ten regular season wins, this year with 7 Big Ten victories and a midpack finish, Penn State was passed over by the NIT as well as the new College Basketball Invitational. That means we are one of the worst teams in the nation despite having pulled off some upsets (Michigan State, Indiana) and having defeated teams we should have. Where is this prejudice by the CBI coming from? They are in their first year, and Penn State did not deserve the snub.

Hell, Virginia Tech, the team that Penn State defeated this season, just won their first round game in the NIT. So we officially declare a 5 year boycott of the CBI. As of this post, we will no longer mention, think or even attend any CBI games until the boycott is lifted in 2013. Congratulations, not only are you the tournament of the losers of the losers, but now you have officially made enemies your first year. Good luck staying afloat.

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