Malik Golden Commits to Penn State
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Before a crowd of his teammates, coaches and parents, Cheshire Academy athlete Malik Golden announced he was choosing Penn State over Iowa, Boston College and hometown favorite, UConn finally ending the recruitment of one of …

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Week 7 quebecpenspinning Poll Preliminary Ballot

Submitted by on October 13, 20086 Comments

I was downtown this past weekend at State College giving a mini tour of the town. And like any tourist to New York City needs to visit Times Square, we did the Penn State merchandise tour. And for the first time since I can recall in the last half-decade there were tons of those foam fingers with that special one finger raised up for sale. I’m talking every store we stepped into. Not only did this bring a smile to my face, but it reminded me of the glory years.

That’s all I will have to say concerning that issue without having to rub rabbits foot, knock on wood and hang a horseshoe.

The following is my Top 25 ballot for the quebecpenspinning Top 25. When you have a myriad of 1 loss teams with quality as well as horrendous losses, it is impossible to rank them without some form of controversy. We as fans love to criticize the coaches’ poll and AP voters for their ballots, but try it sometime. Other than your favorite school, try filling the other 24 slots in the Top 25. There will always Team A that lost to Team B but beat Team C who Team A trounced earlier in the season. What you are left with is a clusterfuck of a good estimate of a Top 25.

October 13, 2008
Delta Rank Record Team Last Week
1 6-0 Alabama Idle
4 2 6-0 Texas W #1 Oklahoma 45-35
1 3 7-0 Penn State W at #24 Wisconsin 48-7
2 4 5-1 Oklahoma L #5 Texas 35-45
6 5 5-1 Florida W #4 LSU 51-21
1 6 6-0 BYU W New Mexico 21-3
1 7 6-0 Texas Tech OT W Nebraska 37-31
2 8 4-1 USC W Arizona St. 28-0
12 9 6-0 Oklahoma State W at #3 Missouri 28-23
2 10 5-1 Georgia W Tennessee 26-14
2 11 7-0 Utah W at Wyoming 40-7
9 12 5-1 Missouri L #17 Oklahoma State 23-28
1 13 6-1 Ohio State W Purdue 16-3
5 14 4-1 LSU L at #11 Florida 21-51
15 5-0 Boise State W at S. Mississippi 24-7
4 16 6-1 Michigan State W at Northwestern 37-20
2 17 5-1 North Carolina W Notre Dame 29-24
1 18 5-1 South Florida Idle
1 19 5-1 Virginia Tech Idle
NR 20 4-1 California Idle
1 21 5-1 Kansas W Colorado 30-14
17 22 5-1 Vanderbilt L at Mississippi St. 14-17
NR 23 4-1 Wake Forest W Clemson 12-7
NR 24 6-1 Minnesota W at Illinois 27-20
NR 25 6-1 TCU W at Colorado St. 13-7

Before someone rips my head off for keeping Texas #2 even though Alabama partied their asses off studied during their BYE week, consider this. Texas’ win over Oklahoma was a definitive statement, but there is no substantial reason for me to drop Alabama who I believe is the top team in the nation. Both teams have the opportunity to control their destiny. Win out, and they will be in. Both teams have tough schedules to manuever through.

Alabama plays in the SEC and as EVERYONE knows, it is the wordly incarnation of hell where a 5 loss team from that league could have humiliated the New England Patriots last year. At this point we should just automatically promote the SEC East AND West into the NFL. So you’ll have the AFC, NFC and SEC. The AFC and NFC champions will then have to play the automatic SEC winner in the Super Bowl.

Texas has the toughest road of all on paper. Whether or not Big 12 schools understand the concept of defense in college football is no longer relevant.

Jumping 4 spots to #2 is a good reward for taking down NWO’s original #2 team. As a testimate to the awesomeness of the Longhorns I only dropped the Sooners 2 spots because they were edged out by one of the top squads in the nation.

Biggest Jump

12 spots by Oklahoma State. The Cowboys are undefeated and beat #3 Missouri at Missouri. Its hard not to reward Oklahoma State when everyone else around them pollwise cruised to easy victories against ho-hum opponents.

Free Fall

17 spots by Vanderbilt. All season I’ve been wary of Vanderbilt. Like Northwestern they were undefeated prior to the game even going as far as to bearely beating Auburn a team that would struggle to move the ball against a pee-wee squad. But beacuse Vanderbilt was in the SEC conference of hell (see above) they were given the benefit of the doubt. But Mississippi State did what any decent squad would have. They exposed Vanderbilt’s reliance on the good bounces. Without it, Vanderbilt it just another middle of the pack team. I did consider the fact that the Mississippi State team that beat them also beat Florida in the Swamp, (Ed. correction) As a team we considered to be #5 in the NWO poll last week, you need to be able to find a way to win. Unfortunately they did not.

On Upset Alert


I am not happy about awarding 4 out of 25 spots to teams not from the BCS conferences. Say what you want about the Mountain West this year, but they are NOT a BCS conference. Like last year’s Hawaii, or Boise State from the year prior to that, I think the BCS bowls are wasting a bid when they are given to mid major teams. You’re telling me that Michigan State couldn’t have gone through Hawaii’s conference last year and going undefeated or at the very least with just 1 or 2 losses? Should we have given that Spartan squad a BCS bowl invite then? I understand parity but there needs to be a fine line drawn between equality and college football version of affirmative action. We do not owe mid majors anything. They can easily drop off the face of the college football landscape and we would not miss a beat.

There must be more stringent rules regarding their qualification into the BCS. Yes I know there are already ranking restrictions to qualify, but whats to stop Hawaii from scheduling 2 crappy BCS teams like they did last year just to give the allusion of being a quailty team. I propose a prequisite of beating at least 3 BCS teams with winning records. Hell even the Big East is that tough, if a mid major team can’t even get that done, they don’t deserve a shot in the BCS.

BYU has to visit TCU this weekend. See, writing already makes me sick to the stomach. TCU beat Stanford this year, and now they are considered a quality team? BYU beat Washington which is equivilent to waking up in the morning, UCLA and Wyoming. Please name at least 3 BCS teams that would struggle to get that done other than those 3 squads I just named. How this is a Top 25 contest between the two is beyond me. But there you have it their 60 minutes of fame begins this weekend. Lets see if they even make a blimp on the Nielsen ratings.

Editor’s Note: Didn’t see this before, but Penn State should be opening against Akron next year. The deal hasn’t been finalized but the two schools have agreed on it. Akron would make our fourth and final non-conference opponent for next year which includes Syracuse, Temple and Eastern Illinois. (source)

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  • Helper

    Mississippi State didn’t beat Florida in the swamp, that was Ole Miss.

  • Helper

    Mississippi State didn’t beat Florida in the swamp, that was Ole Miss.

  • Charlie

    Thanks, corrected. I always had that problem trying to figure out the Ole Miss, Miss State teams.

  • admin

    Thanks, corrected. I always had that problem trying to figure out the Ole Miss, Miss State teams.

  • Super Sale

    The writers in the AP poll really only get to see one or two games a week (the games they’re covering).

  • Super Sale

    The writers in the AP poll really only get to see one or two games a week (the games they’re covering).