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Once again, it’s Adam Collyer over at BlackShoeDiaries providing the questions, and we, your humble bloggers, providing the answers. Mine are below, and you can venture off to the remote areas of the blogosphere that …

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Koroma to Transfer to Western Illinois

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When it came out earlier this season that Koroma would be spending the 2009 season away from the football team and the university, as a result of drug and personal issues, many were waiting for the other shoe to drop.  And today, the news has come out that Koroma won’t be returning to Penn State in 2010.  First, we have a couple of incriminating posts from his Twitter page…

…and then we have this, from Dave Jones at the Patriot-News

Former PSU nose tackle Abe Koroma told The Patriot-News tonight he is enrolling at Western Illinois University and plans to play football this fall.

Koroma, 21, a Milton Hershey School product from the Washington, D.C. area, is taking a flight tomorrow to Chicago and then plans to drive to Western Illinois, an FCS school in McComb, Ill., about 200 miles west of Chicago near the Iowa and Missouri borders.

The Leathernecks play in the Missouri Valley Conference in football and spent all of last season in the Division I-AA national rankings; they finished the season No. 25. WIU went 6-5 last year including a 28-24 loss at Arkansas in their only game against an FBS school. They led the Razorbacks 24-14 early in the fourth quarter before allowing two late scores.

PSU coach Joe Paterno announced last week Koroma would not be with the team this season due to “personal reasons.” Koroma agreed with that assessment and would not elaborate on the cause of his dismissal.

Koroma said PSU grantred him a release from his scholarship and he will have two years of eligibility remaining.

We here at quebecpenspinning want to wish Koroma the best in his future travels, both in the NFL and in his personal life.  He’ll be missed at Penn State, as he contributed two very important seasons for the Lions.  He’s got some issues to iron out, and we hope that playing under a much smaller microscope can help that.  We hope that Western Illinois is as good for Abe as he is for the school, and the football team.  Though its frustrating to see another player leave the program (and another DT, at that, after Phil Taylor and Chris Baker last year), we have to remember that the point of college football isn’t for teams to build powerhouses, or for us to watch the games, its for the kids to grow as individuals.  Here’s to hoping that Koroma can fulfill that.

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