Blue White Roundtable: Alabama Week Edition
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Once again, it’s Adam Collyer over at BlackShoeDiaries providing the questions, and we, your humble bloggers, providing the answers. Mine are below, and you can venture off to the remote areas of the blogosphere that …

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Blue White Round Table – Freakin’ Iowa Edition

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Still stings
Still stings
This week Penn State is out for revenge.

The Iowa Hawkeyes will strut into Beaver Stadium Saturday night undaunted and with an aire of confidence. Iowa, freakin’ IOWA, has won six out of the previous seven meetings with Penn State. What is it about Iowa that acts as the Kryptonite for Penn State?

And these losses have been some of the most demoralizing losses Penn State has seen outside of any Michigan game.

Last year the Hawkeyes ended the BCS title dreams. Iowa has won the uggliest football game ever played by a final of 6-4. Iowa has responded to a furious Penn State fourth quarter rally to win in overtime.

So now the time has come to share our thoughts on the upcoming game. Will it be sweet revenge or will it be another season down the tubes four weeks into the season?

Our weekly round table among Penn State bloggers this week answered questions offered by our very own Devon from Nittany White Out.

This week’s usual suspects include:

W. F. Yurasko
Happy Hour Valley
The Nittany Line
We Want the Lion
Zombie Nation
Nittany Whiteout
Nittany Lounge
Penn State Clips
2 The Lion

1. As this week’s matchup with Iowa represents not just Penn State’s first conference game, but their first real test, take a look back at the 3-game preconference schedule.  What was the one thing that stood out to you most, either as a success or a failure?

There are a number of things that stand out to me after the first three weeks. Between the realization (which I predicted) that the wide receivers are not as bad as people expected, the defense is as close to dominant you could expect, and the fact that Daryl Clark has shown to be a real leader, the thing that stands out the most to me is the ineffectiveness of the running game.

This is not something that is totally surprising considering the questions going in surrounding the offensive line, but I was a little puzzled as to why it took three games for Royster to put together a 100+ yards game.

Am I concerned? Not really. Once the offensive line gets in sync the running game, and passing game, will be just fine.

2. Iowa, on the other hand, has been tested twice already this season, both by D1-AA Northern Iowa and by Arizona, a solid Pac-10 team.  How much of an advantage, if any, will the Hawkeyes have over Penn State as a result?

There is no question that Iowa has faced more adversity than Penn State has this season. One would think that overcoming those early obstacles will give Iowa a bit of a mental edge. Let us not forget that they have also won a road game against a traditional rival against Iowa State.

We all are well aware, I’m sure, that Iowa has a history of not being afraid of Beaver Stadium so give them credit for already coming in with a cool head. They know they can win in State College, they know they can beat Penn State, and they know how to win on the road.

We will see just how well Penn State can react to their own adversity. Can they bounce back after losing a turnover? Can they answer on the scoreboard after falling behind? Iowa should give Penn State a run for their money and until we see how Penn State performs against a team like this, we really will not know what kind of advantage either team will have.

3. It seems like both Penn State and Iowa have been hit pretty hard by the injury bug early in the 2009 season, with Iowa losing the services of RB Jewel Hampton, LT Bryan Bulaga, TE Tony Moeaki and WR Darrell Johnson-Koulianos and Penn State potentially without both Sean Lee and Navorro Bowman, along with Graham Zug.  How will both teams adjust to playing without some of their star players?

Iowa could be at the disadvantage this weekend if their players are not 100%. For Penn State, losing Lee and Bowman would be really tough to overcome but I am expecting Bowman to at least play. But for Iowa to lose their running back, tight end and a wide receiver, that may just be too much to overcome. How are they going to score?

4. Last year, a loss to Iowa knocked Penn State out of the championship race.  This year, they’re in a similar place, as they largely control their own destiny.  Do you see Penn State running the table in the Big Ten, and if not, where is the most likely slip-up?

I said at the beginning of the season that the Northwestern game had trap game written all over it. But I am starting to back off on that thought now. Honestly it looks like the biggest road block could be Michigan. There is just something about Ann Arbor that should not sit well with Penn State fans.

I think the Nittany Lions can get by Iowa this weekend and pick up a win next week at Illinois. Eastern Illinois is a gimmee. Minnesota will be tough too, but with the game at home I give the edge to Penn State.

And I have not even gotten to Ohio State yet…

5. This will be the fourth year that Beaver Stadium hosts a White Out, and it’s universally regarded as one of the best traditions in the NCAA.  What suggestions would you have to further improve gameday conditions at the Beav?

On a serious note, less stadium music, more Blue Band.

On a far-fetched idea note, Dollar Dog Days seem to work at Phillies games. I wouldn’t mind seeing that at Beaver Stadium! Everybody flocks to cheap hot dogs. Maybe the Nittany Lion could borrow the Phanatic’s hot dog launcher too?

Lightning Round:

Who runs for more yards, Iowa or Penn State? Iowa
Last year’s Whiteout game drew 109,626 people to Beaver Stadium. How many come this year? 109,235
If you had to win just one of the two, would you rather Penn State beats Iowa or Ohio State? Ohio State. The game comes later in the season and an early season loss is somehting a team can recover from in the standings. Plus, the Buckeyes could easily be a top ten team when they play.
Does Corso put on the Lion or Hawkeye head? Lion head. Cross your fingers for the Hawkeye though.
Does Penn State get revenge, or does Iowa make it 7 of 8 against the Lions? Revenge is a dish best served cold

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