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States like New Hampshire are often overlooked by college recruiters scouring the northeast. With a population of a little over 1.3 million (barely 14.5% of the population of New York City), the talent pool in …

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Devon’s Week 7 Blogpoll Rankings

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Every week, it gets harder and harder to fill out a bracket, as preseason darlings falter, and new upstarts are revealed to be paper tigers. Maybe it’s some newfound parity in college football, but outside of the top 3, it seems like anybody going down would hardly be a surprise, no matter who the opponent.

Case in point: a mediocre Texas Tech team just laid a beatdown, in Lincoln, over what looked like a strong Nebraska team. So if you have some disagreement with what you’re reading: I challenge you to make your own ballot, and get back to me when you realize just how tough it is to differentiate between Pittsburgh and West Virginia, Utah and BYU, Oregon and USC.

This job ain’t easy.

It’s still early in this 2009 season, but I’ll be bold and say it: there are no elite conferences. The SEC is no better than the Big XII or the Pac-10. The Big East’s best can tussle with the ACC’s, some teams from the MWC could beat those from the Big Ten. After the top 2 in my rankings, look at it: there are 7 conferences represented in my top 8 teams. What does that tell you? That the talking heads are full of it, and that teams ought to be recognized for their own accomplishments, not those of their conference mates.

Rank Team Thoughts

Last Week

1 Alabama Every week, it seems like more and more media types are acknowledging Alabama as the #1 team in the land. What can I say, I’m a trendsetter.


2 Florida The Gators should be thanking their lucky stars—and the refs—that they escaped with a win over Arkansas. Suddenly, Florida looks mortal.


3 Texas Pretty much by default, Texas is at #3. They finally played a decent opponent, and just squeaked pass the Bradford-less Sooners. I doubt they run the table.


4 Iowa Has there ever been a worse team at anyone’s #4 ranking? I mean, Iowa has all these flaws, but as long as they keep winning ugly, who can complain? Not Iowa fans.


5 Cincinnati No Tony Pike? No problem for the Wildcats, who proved that they’re a surprisingly balanced team in their win over South Florida.


6 Miami Now that Virginia Tech has lost, Miami becomes the best one-loss team. And with all their tough games out of the way, Miami ought to run the table, and find themselves in the national title picture.


7 USC USC gave up 27 points to Notre Dame, and it could’ve easily been more, as the Trojans just squeaked by the fighting Irish. A freshman at QB, a shaky defense…is this really USC?


8 Boise State It’s really a shame that Boise State isn’t in the MWC, because who wouldn’t want to watch them play TCU and Utah? Tulsa was their last test, another 12-0 season should be upcoming.


9 Penn State Beating Minnesota isn’t a big deal, but shutting the Gophers out, and holding Eric Decker to one catch, well that is. Penn State’s answering questions, in the DB and OL, and that doesn’t bode well for its upcoming opponents.


10 Georgia Tech That spread option is fun to watch, and must be a bitch to defend, as it took its latest victim in Virginia Tech this week.  Too bad their next opponent with a pulse is Georgia, the last week of the year.


11 Oregon Off a bye, the Ducks get the plucky Washington Huskies. If Jeremiah Masoli is back, the Ducks should roll. If not, they should still win, even if Washington is much improved.


12 Virginia Tech You can’t help but feel bad for the Hokies. They really are a great football team, but there’s no room for a letdown when you’re playing teams like Georgia Tech.


13 LSU The Tigers get a bye week to prepare for Auburn, and rumors are circulating about Jordan Jefferson’s future at QB. Can someone please come out and say it: THE SEC IS DOWN THIS YEAR!


14 TCU A matchup with BYU this weekend will clear up the MWC picture, and prove that one of these teams is for real. I hope it’s TCU.


15 Ohio State Come on, Buckeyes, how the hell do you crap the bed like that against Purdue! All I can say is thank god Terrelle Pryor chose Ohio State.  The joke’s on them: there’s no better option.


16 Oklahoma State This is where the rankings start being a crapshoot. Oklahoma State could be a good team, but they haven’t proven it yet. A win over Texas on Halloween would do just that.


17 Notre Dame When do you move up after a loss? When you put together a spirited effort the likes of which we haven’t seen in years from Notre Dame. They’re just about as good as USC, and that’s worthy of a top-20 ranking.


18 Brigham Young That win over Oklahoma week one just looks worse and worse every week, and the same can be said about the loss to Florida State.  Good thing they host TCU.


19 Houston When you beat Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, Houston, we all expected big things. Then you lost to UTEP in a game in which you pile up over 660 yards of offense. Gotta love college football.


20 Oklahoma This is the second team I’ve moved up after a loss last week, but Oklahoma, sans Bradford, hung right there with a really good Texas team. This might be the best 3-3 team ever, when you consider that they could easily be 6-0 with any luck.


21 Utah Whenever I think of Utah, I think of My Cousin Vinny. “The two youts,” Joe Pesci says. Yeah, I really got nothing to say here. Watch out for an upset this week, Air Force is no patsy.


22 Pittsburgh 6-1 in a major conference? Sure, somewhere behind 20 and 25 works for me.  Congratulations on beating Rutgers. That’s a real accomplishment, if this is 2006 and they have Ray Rice.


23 Mississippi Ole Miss was almost certainly a pretender, with their top 10 preseason ranking, and Jevan Snead’s Heisman consideration. Seriously, Snead has completed under 50% of his passes this year. But you find me a better team for the #23 spot.


24 Texas Tech This was a coin flip between the Raiders and Nebraska, even though TTU beat the Huskers last week. I think that Nebraska’s a better team, but this seems fairer.


25 Central Michigan Every week I keep CMU at #25, you’ll get an interesting fact about the university. Until 1925, the university was called “Central Michigan Normal School.” You know, as opposed to all those abnormal schools.


Dropped out: Kansas, South Florida, South Carolina, Nebraska

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  • Charlie

    I like the list. You have no idea how tough it was after #16 or so. Especially when the bottom teams from last week all lost to mostly higher ranked teams. I still don't think Notre Dame deserves to be in the Top 25 though, but I understand why you did leave them in. Who else should even replace them if they weren't in.

  • Charlie

    I like the list. You have no idea how tough it was after #16 or so. Especially when the bottom teams from last week all lost to mostly higher ranked teams. I still don't think Notre Dame deserves to be in the Top 25 though, but I understand why you did leave them in. Who else should even replace them if they weren't in.