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Talor Battle Enters NBA Draft

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Don't fret, Lions fans, you'll be seeing this sweet stroke next year.

Don’t let the headline fool you, this isn’t the monumental news some would make it out to be. No, Talor’s merely putting his foot in the NBA waters, and unless something goes horribly right, he’ll be right back at Penn State next year.

According to the Daily Collegian, who cite Sports Information Director Brian Siegrist’s Twitter account, Battle submitted his name for consideration, but eschewed the step of hiring an agent which would preclude him from returning to Penn State (or any college, for that matter, and with this roller coaster of an offseason, would anything surprise you?).  According to Siegrist, Battle has until May 8th to remove his name from the pool of selectable players in June’s draft.

Because he said it so eloquently, I’ll just quote Eric over at BattleDoesItAgain, who sums it up thusly:

He’s giving himself the opportunity to get evaluated by NBA scouts. That’s all it really is. This was to be expected.

No matter how much we love him, Talor Battle is not going to be a highly drafted NBA player. His size, lack of quickness, and streaky shooting prevent him from being a first round pick, and even Battle’s own camp, including his former high school coach, doesn’t really expect Talor to be in high demand.

“He’s rated a late 2nd round pick to undrafted by 4 NBA teams,” Hurley said.  “So he’s on the board.”

What this allows Talor to do is to work out in front of professionals, and learn what NBA scouts think of him. He’ll get a detailed analysis of what he needs to work on, if he wants to get drafted in 2011 or make it to the big time.  According to NCAA regulations, Battle has just 1 month to line up workout opportunities with various NBA squads but is not allowed to miss a class, test, or any other academic responsibility for such workout.

With the arrival of his highly-touted half brother at Penn State next year, anything but a miraculous showing in front of scouts means he’ll be returning to Happy Valley for his senior season.

If you’re a skeptic, perhaps this will assuage your fears: last year, a number of star players, including Maryland’s Greivis Vasquez, Texas’s Damion James, Tyler Harangody from Notre Dame, and Tyler Smith of Tennessee took the step of entering the draft before later withdrawing their names, and returning to school.

Penn State probably won’t reach the tournament next year, and might not even save Ed DeChellis’s job, but losing their best scorer, shooter, passer, rebounder, and leader won’t be the reason for their struggles.  Battle’s accomplished plenty in his young career–he’s won an NIT title and he’s represented his country at the World University Games.  After toughing out a painful season last year, there’s no pressing reason to leave before accomplishing that ultimate goal–reaching an NCAA Tournament.  And with potential expansion to 96 teams, there’s no time like the present.

However, with all the panicking going on now, imagine what dire straights we’re going to be in heading into the 2011 offseason, when Battle graduates, and so too do David Jackson, Andrew Jones, and Jeff Brooks, at least one of whom is bound to break out at some point, right?

The final word is this: Battle’s going to get a late-2nd evaluation, and he’ll be told that he needs to work on his defense and on his consistency shooting the ball.  Maybe he takes those lessons to heart, like Greivis Vasquez, who would go on to become the ACC’s player of the year and improve his draft stock in the process.  Maybe he just plays like the same Talor Battle we’ve seen over the last couple years. But either way, he’ll be around in 2010-11.

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  • PSUMatt

    If Battle actually decides to stay in the draft, which wouldn't shock me because he probably isn't very happy at Penn State, there is no chance his brother comes.