Pat Chambers Should Be the Next Coach at PSU
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When Ed DeChellis left Penn State, under strange, and immediately unclear circumstances, I met the news not with the unbridled excitement of a long awaited accomplishment, but with skepticism, with confusion, and, perhaps, with a …

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Penn State Football Student Tickets: Senior allotment exhausted

Submitted by Charlie on June 21, 2010 – 3:28 pm3 Comments

And the annual frantic rush begins. Eat your heart out Pitt.

In fact, Greg Myford confirmed to quebecpenspinning today:

More than 4,000 season tickets were sold between 7am and 2pm, with just over 90% of that coming in the first hour of the sale.  There were a few hundred unsold seats, similar to last year, that will be carried over to tomorrow’s Junior sale.  All Seniors that preregistered for the sale and participated today were accommodated.

It’s comforting to hear all the preregistered seniors were able to purchase tickets, one of the original expectations of such a system that would reward seniors with a last chance to catch their beloved Lions in the famed student section. In past years, tickets were on a first come, first serve paper ticket system where scalpers roamed unregulated and incoming underclassmen could squeeze out seniors if they purchased tickets early and often.

Greg Myford then helped introduce the new online ticketing system that required interested students to pre-register weeks in advance for the privilege to purchase student season tickets. The sale would also take 4 days and broken up by class standings to ensure upperclassmen would have first dibs at tickets considering they had the fewest remaining opportunities to enjoy games in the student section. Also, keep in mind that ticket allotments in this relatively new system are fluid and can change depending on class sizes and demand from previous seasons, any tickets that aren’t sold in one section is shifted to the remaining sections. Over 41,000 students have taken the time this summer to pre-register for the 21,500+ season tickets available, so fans can rest assured that when this is all said and done the student section will sell out and be there in force to terrify opposing teams.

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    It’s comforting to hear all the preregistered seniors were able to purchase tickets.

  • Johnrobuskk

    youre all white TRASH – my city my panthers

  • Charlie

    Concise, succinct, to the point. Quite a feat for a panther fan.