New Hampshire DB Jake Kiley Commits to Penn State
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States like New Hampshire are often overlooked by college recruiters scouring the northeast. With a population of a little over 1.3 million (barely 14.5% of the population of New York City), the talent pool in …

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Pat Chambers Penn State Introductory Press Conference

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Pat Chambers was officially introduced to Penn State fans and media members at a press conference held in the Bryce Jordan Center’s South Gym this afternoon.

It’s hard not to be excited about Coach Chambers new attitude for the program. Even prior to the press conference, basketball t-shirts with the slogan “Experience the Attitude” were handed out to the audience. It is easy to see why people who have met Pat Chambers gush about his passion to coach. When Chambers was introduced at the presser by Tim Curley, fans and beat writers in attendance gave him a standing ovation.

Some notable moments from today’s press conference:

  • Thanks the entire Penn State family. Says it feels like home, it feels right. Hopefully the Chambers family is going to be here a long time.
  • Met Joe Paterno earlier this morning, almost asked for an autograph, but decided to hold off and wait a few weeks.
  • Chambers: This administration is committed. Coach Paterno said to me, “we want to do great things. We want to win.”
  • Says Penn State is the only school I know where you can go anywhere in the wrold and yell “We are” and you’re going to hear a response.
  • “Success with honor is our motto. We will recruit kids who are serious about their degrees.”
  • “We are going to push the ball.” “We’re going to scrap for every inch to make sure we compete on a daily basis.”
  • When asked about what he will do to excite the student body, Chambers said he will borrow and drive around on Coquese Washington’s golfcart and throw some attitude bands… whatever we’re allowed to do, we’re going to do”
  • Chambers on recruiting: “We have to tap into those relationships. We just have to go back to where people know you and people trust you” “…When people trust you, they’re going to send you their kids”
  • On renewing the basketball rivalry with Pitt: “It would definitely be something that we would look into.”
  • “We have everything we need. Great arena, great offices… we’ve got to go out and recruit.”
  • Tim Curley: “We want to get the program consistently in the NCAA Tourney.”

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