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2011 Penn State football poster misprinted and now available

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Fans rejoice!

Penn State has just announced that the 2011 football team schedule poster is now available to the masses at the student bookstore and various downtown locations.

Fans should be familiar with the design seeing it is an exact replica of this season’s football yearbook cover. The design created to commemorate Penn State football’s 125th season features a vintage blue silhouette of its very first All-American, William Thomas Dunn.

A 4 year starter for the Nittany Lions, Dunn was named captain his senior year for the 1906 squad who finished the season 8-1-1. ‘Mother’ Dunn anchored a ferocious Nittany Lion line that held 9 of Penn State’s 10 opponents scoreless.

Walter Camp even remarked how Dunn “persistently broke through and blocked kicks. Able to run the hundred inside of 11 seconds, he was down under his own side’s kicks with the ends” eventually awarding Penn State’s first recipient of the Walter Camp All-American award to ‘Mother’ Dunn. To this day, Dunn is still regarded as one of Penn State’s all-time greatest lineman.

A truly fitting selection to honor Penn State football’s past in its 125th season.

And the timing of the posters’ release couldn’t have been more perfect with Arts Fest looming this weekend and the throngs of fans expected to be in attendance. The perfect storm from a PR marketing perspective.

Except there is just one little problem.

The actual schedule in the football team schedule posters is incorrect. Unless Penn State is indeed playing the Boilermakers the Saturday following Indiana, the Penn State athletics department is now in possession of thousands of inaccurate team schedule posters. The posters’ designers mistakenly switched the Purdue and Iowa logos from where they should be. A simple, but noticeable mistake that tarnishes an otherwise vintage keepsake befitting of an important milestone in the football program’s history.


Though this isn’t the first time the athletics department has dealt with a public snafu. Penn State accidentally mailed thousands of misprinted tickets asking fans to wear white for the Temple game last season. A clear error considering that the White House is usually scheduled for Penn State’s most marquee opponents, the last one held against Notre Dame. A game against an eastern Pennsylvanian MAC opponent certainly did not warrant the honor. But like this year’s football posters, the error escaped proofreaders and wasn’t caught by the time it was sent to the printers and thousands of fans headed to the Temple game were in possession of misprinted tickets asking everyone to wear white.

Neither error should cause mass confusion where fans will miss games, but let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the dates on this season’s tickets will be printed accurately.

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