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Bryce Jordan Center set to receive scoreboard upgrade

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It looks like Coach Chambers won’t be the only new addition Penn State fans can look forward to at Bryce Jordan Center this fall.

Penn State has announced that the BJC will be home to a brand new center-hung high-definition scoreboard. ANC Sports Enterprises, the same software firm responsible for the the LED ribbons in Beaver Stadium and the upgraded scoreboards in Rec Hall has once again been selected for the job. ANC Sports will be partnering with scoreboard maker Mitsubishi Electric in manufacturing the $1.2 million center-hung scoreboard that will feature 4 new 10mm Diamond Vision video screen systems. The same Mitsubishi Electric video display system built (PDF) for the the world’s largest 1080p HDTV video board at Cowboys Stadium.

A much needed improvement that will replace the original unit that was last upgraded 11 years ago.

The old BJC center-hung scoreboard unit

The new boards measuring approximately 12 feet high and 16 feet wide will be significantly taller and wider than the old unit’s displays. The new unit will also feature two 16mm Diamond Vision ribbon displays, one located on top of the video screens and the other at the bottom of the structure.

The new center-hung system will include over 1100 square feet of dynamic video capabilities which will provide real-time statistics, team logos, crowd prompts, animated team introductions, student athlete videos and live footage of events at the arena.

The most significant difference for fans once the new boards are installed will be the unified messaging the BJC will now be able to offer to fans and more importantly, arena advertisors. This new center-hung scoreboard will compliment the digital courtside signs and 960-feet of 20mm LED ribbon boards also installed by ANC Sports back in 2008 finally allowing scoreboard operators at the BJC to integrate the center-hung scoreboard displays with the digital signage around the rest of the arena.

And though this new upgrade should indeed move Penn State past the archaic and static display of player stats and and scores and encourage the use of in-game pump-up videos and animated displays as the athletic department has claimed, somehow I just expect more advertising and brand messaging.

Driven by ANC’s VisionSOFTTM operating system the entire signage system will feature the capability to synchronize together featuring one image, video or animation series. Compelling visuals such as “We Are . . . Penn State” featuring player images walking across the video system, from one display to the next will forever change the game day environment at the venue.

The new boards will be installed in time for basketball season when the Nittany Lions tip off the 2011-12 season with the Basketball Hall of Fame Tip-Off Tournament on November 14th.

This new scoreboard marks the latest step in a series of upgrades the athletic department has pursued since 2008 with two HD videoscreens in Rec Hall and the installation of LED ribbon boards in Beaver Stadium and the Bryce Jordan Center. Don’t look for Penn State to stop with the Bryce Jordan Center though, the Nittany Lions are also set to replace the two giant video boards at Beaver Stadium next year. And let’s not forget all the bells and whistles that are planned for the brand new hockey arena currently underway across from the BJC. It’s just refreshing to see the athletic department dig into their coffers and commit to ensuring that our venues remain on par with the best in the nation.

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