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At last count by the Penn State Alumni Association, there are 513,149 active Penn State alumni. 161,234 of whom are official dues paying members of the largest alumni organization in the world.

It isn’t just the¬†sheer¬†number of Penn State fans that is impressive, it is that unparalleled passion for their alma mater that shocks most people. The support Penn Staters have for their alma mater and it’s athletic programs is simply unrivaled as evident by Penn State’s annual reign among the nation’s top endowments. Their passion and generosity regularly helps Penn State remain of the most profitable athletic departments in the nation. Now that is a consumer base.

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Penn State Friendly Bars and Restaurants

Establishments looking to add their name to the map of Penn State friendly locales to catch the game can email us with your Name and Address and we’ll be happy to add you to the map. Due to the increasing number of games now televised by the Big Ten Network, any establishment looking to join the list MUST carry the Big Ten Network.