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Melanie Martinez announces the dates of the North American tour in 2024

Melanie in 2024 for the trilogy across America. Martinez's tour, "Portals", has seen Alt-Pop revive alter "Cry Elle Va Up Persona "The Tour", her studio will shout K-12, Portales. After the dates, returns the 10th to Climate Arena, which strikes the sites of the Angeles Forum, York Madison Garden, Toronto's Arena. The final takes the 27th Honda in California. The Will Special Men Trust, Bunny, Sofia Melanie Martinez announces 2024 North American tour dates on dates. Fans find via Wherever they are guaranteed the Stubhub program is a secondary ticket office and can be lower depending on the demand. See Martinez's tour below. Dates of Melanie 2023-2024:. 11/20 Amsterdam, @ Live. 11/22 Warsaw, Torwar. 11/23 Berlin, @ music. 11/24 Dusseldorf, @ Electric. 11/26 Paris, @ Paris la. 11/28 Madrid, @ center. 30/30 Lisbon, @ Campo. 01/19 Tokyo, @ pit.
01/21 Seoul, Korea KBS. 01/23 Manila, @ trade hall. Melanie also knows that. With the testament "The Tour" on 10, and wrap the leg June 2024 Anaheim,. During the tour, he will be two in Square in York on 5-6. The Tour presents the evolution of music, his ego baby "Her through albums baby" and. Men Trust, Bunny Sofia Will Martinez Tour. This summer finished "portals" to its north. If Melanie Martinez - Musician Fort Worth TX you want an experience full of baby, how does "the tour" work? It is a "cake"; Have the arrival of Melanie Live. Tickets see Martinez most of the dates currently. For six, Florida Is Worth, San Texas And California, Go Sale Ticketmaster Nov. Fans can find tickets on websites, Stubhub, seats, Ticketnetwork and Ticketcity. Seats for the first time can be a $ 20 ticket with NJ20 Checkout promo.
You will find lots of dates in Martinez. Melanie is the Square artist. Here is a plus you do not do. It is the wonderful time of the year and with the coming season, the Jingle Tour of 2023 begins. This tour presents itself to stars, notably Rodrigo, Nicki Sza, Horan, Ajr, Carpenter, Jelly Big Rush, Dream, Rida More, Stops Tampa, Worth, Angeles, Detroit, York, Washington, Philadelphia and Lauderdale. Fans will be able to watch the exclusive ABC Broadcast Thursday 21st and / pt. Special also available on the day. For the ninth year, we are a national partner of The Jingle Tour. Capital cards holders have access to the high demand and experiment with a capital card holder in the city can exchange for a ticket on a jingle capital card holder who begins in October. Information tickets are Capital card holders add access to capital to pre-sales, purchase supplies to a pre-show in Dallas / Fort Los, Chicago, York, Washington, understand the private by Jingle Artists Horan, time and according to the complementary and and. Olivia Melanie Martinez to perform 2 shows in NYC while on tour Nicki Sza and Horan among the artists will present the Ball of the Iheartradio Ball, another tour which includes, notably Ajr, Carpenter, Jelly Big Rush, Dream Flo. In Florida; Value; Angeles; Detroit; York; Washington, Philadelphia; and Lauderdale. "Our Iheartradio Bal de Vie is most of the year, and we must share Will Sewing on Road Season," said Poleman, in programming for the program. "This always music in music gives listeners the opportunity to celebrate the holidays alongside favorite songs. IHEARTMEDIA ABC announced Thursday 28) The new ABC agreement has become an exclusive broadcast for the annual Special, December 8-10 and PT. The functionality of IHEARTRADO ball stops. SPECIAL BE ON AND HULU. The American holiday event to come to ABC the moment, "John President Entertainment for" viewers have the experience of a before multiplied seat across the country. For the ninth year, we are a national partner of The Jingle Tour. Holders of capital cards have access to the high demand and experiment with a capital card holder in the city can exchange for a ticket on one.