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Why the Big Ten needs Penn State

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So Penn State isn’t exactly fulfilling their expected role of a counter balancing power against the Buckeyes and Wolverines of the Big Ten since joining the conference having only won 2 Big Ten football championships. But, when the Big Ten conference made the decision to extend an invitation to the Nittany Lions, they recognized the influence of Happy Valley beyond the gridiron despite what Wolverine and Buckeye fans would like you to believe.

And for the 15th straight year since the creation of the Directors Cup, the Nittany Lions confirmed their status as an elite athletic program. For the 15th straight year, Penn State finished in the Top 25 with 8 Top-10 finishes and 4 Top-5 finishes. This following a mediocre 5th place Big Ten, 9-4 Alamo Bowl season in football and an average 15-16 record and 7th place finish in Big Ten basketball.

Maybe, just maybe there is more to collegiate sports than just football and basketball.

Don’t believe me? To all those Ohio State fans out there still bent up on their football dominance in the Big Ten, here’s a number for you. Big Ten football champs Ohio State sits outside the top 10 at #11 in the final Director’s Cup Standings. 2 spots behind Penn State. Boy, did that football national title run do wonders for you in the bigger athletic picture. When you are only good in a few sports, its no wonder the scarlet and gray clad masses in Columbus would be so obsessed with the gridiron (and sometimes the hardwood when Thad Matta brings in one and done recruits).

Or to those delusional fans who actually think being good in basketball means everything in the world, you too, will be sadly disappointed. Yeah, I’m looking at you Indiana and Michigan State. If a school like Butler and Depaul can make waves in the sport, you really shouldn’t be beating your chest over it. Need the numbers? Wisconsin (#18), Michigan State (#29), Purdue (#28) and Indiana (#39), all of whom made the tournament this past season barely cracked the top 20 in the Directors Cup. Wisconsin was the only one fortunate enough to join Michigan, Penn State and Ohio State in the Top-20 and the Badgers were actually decent in both football and basketball.

Highest finish by Penn State since the 2002-2003 #5 finish. This #9 finish is Penn States 8th Top-10 finish in the Directors Cup.

Hey, we can be as proud as our 9th place Directors Cup finish as the Buckeyes are over their Big Ten football championship or Wisconsin’s Big Ten basketball title. 2 National championships (would have been 3 with Women’s Field Hockey), and multiple top ranked teams, it has been a great year for Penn State athletics.

Sport Place Points
Women’s Field Hockey 2 90
Football 25 49
Women’s Soccer 9 64
Women’s Volleyball 1 100
Fencing 4 80
Men’s Gymnastics 4 80
Women’s Swimming 29 45
Men’s Swimming 23 50.5
Women’s Track & Field 15 59.25
Men’s Wrestling 3 85
Men’s Golf 25 49
Men’s Tennis 17 50
Women’s Track & Field 4 80
Men’s Volleyball 1 100

Considering that up to 20 teams can be included in the Director’s Cup final standings from the numerous possible sports eligible, it is far more impressive that Penn State sits in the Top-10 when only 14 teams actually contributed points. If only we were also decent in baseball, or even golfing.

But this isn’t about excuses, we are proud of Penn State athletics and all its accomplishments. So we took this opportunity to gloat about our overall athletic success and congratulate the Nittany Lions for a season well played.

The Big Ten should be thankful for Penn State. Without the Nittany Lions, it would just be another two team race between the Buckeyes and Wolverines for overall athletic accomplishments. And isn’t that why Penn State was invited to join the conference in the first place? To break the monotony of the Scarlet and Maize.

So well done Lions. Fight on State!

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